Icons Themify

Themify Icons

  • 320+ Vector based Icons
  • Use with any Color and any Size
  • Easily add Classes and IDs
  • Animate them with CSS power

Icon Examples

Icon Colors

Minimal Shortcode

{icon-ti name="ti-heart"}

Shortcode with some Options

{icon-ti name="ti-heart" color="success" class="my-class"}
Parameter Name Description Possible values Default
name The Name of the Icon, please use ti-name (ti-heart for example)
color The Color for the Icon default, success, info, warning, danger, white, dark, primary, secondary, tertiary default
class Add a optional Class to the Shortcode
id Add a optional unique ID to the Shortcode
style Add optional Style Attributes to the Shortcode
animation Activates a Animation for this Element Many, check the Animations Page
animationduration How long should the Animation run Any positive Value for seconds 1s
animationdelay Should the Animation have a delay Any positive Value for seconds 0s


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